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General YC Advice

- Ask for help (rather than try to have all the answers)

- Everyone is basically scared of everyone else at first

- Make a conscious effort to meet everyone in your batch and know his or her name.

- Everyone in the room is smart as hell, even if you can't tell why at first

- The second best companies had fantastic political alliances and an okay product / traction

- Have touch stones to relieve pressure (for me it was running)

- Almost everyone’s company looks great on the outside

- Make friends with other entrepreneurs they will be your biggest allies in the future

- Not dying is harder than you think

- Bring a notebook; don’t take notes on your phone. People think you are tweeting or something.

- You will get conflicting advice from partners occasionally. It’s then on you to be smart.

- Use the advice e-mail address

Founding Team & Psychology Advice

- Being able to clearly communicate your ideas is very important

- Intelligence is not enough

- The team will fall apart if it can

- Small problems between team members will become big problems given time

- If you are blaming each other you are already done

Company Advice

- There is no shortcut around learning, you just have to learn it

- Everything is harder than it looks

- Every guy has thought about starting a dating site

- Real businesses have customers

- There is no one thing that makes a company work.

- The most elusive skill seemed to be knowing what to invent and what to steal

- Just shut up and get a .com

- The best companies strive to empower the individual

- The worst companies strive to maintain control

- Living in or near san Francisco is a competitive advantage

- If there is no competition you’re probably screwed.

- It gets harder, not easier

Famous / Respected Speakers

- Even very successful people frequently misunderstand their own success

- Everyone is a regular person if you catch them in the right light


- Stop dancing around the thing and say the thing

- Don't pitch from the defensive & don't start by apologizing

- Know your sexiest angle (hint: traction, revenue)

- Framing matters a LOT (seed round vs seed extension)


- Everyone’s problem is money until it’s hiring


- You have to be a salesman to raise money

- Investors are normal people too

- Angels are a LOT easier to get checks from than VCs

- Just close the first check

- Investors will not agree with the companies you think are awesome (mostly)

- Treat raising money with the same seriousness you take the rest of your business.

- Have a spreadsheet.

- Take yes for an answer 

- Don’t optimize for valuation

- Frequently a bad company is great at raising money, that doesn’t make it a good company.

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Did you tell Y Combinator that you would move to San Francisco?

Was it hard to get into Y Combinator while being an Austin company?

How was raising money in the bay while being based in Austin?

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the templar legacy

Then he gave me the advice: 

Just be persistent.

Josh laid it out for me:

  • Let a few days go by, and then remind him.
  • Let a few more days go by, and remind him again.
  • After a few of these just start reminding him every day until he signs the docs or he tells you to go away.

  • I’m extremely friendly and my tone is entirely positive.
  • I’m short and to the point.
  • Here is the most important part: I’m never even slightly annoyed.

Here is a (slightly doctored) sample of an actual email I sent the investor in question:

Re: Your investment in

Hey soandso,

Just wanted to keep this at the top of your inbox. Hope to speak soon.


What I’ve learned from this and future experiences:

  • Persistence works
  • There is a right way to be persistent
  • Once you’ve gotten a yes treat it like a yes until you explicitly get a no.

multidimensional array in c

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I've migrated my blog to Posthaven!

geoff king lost in translation

This is the first record of my existence I can find on the internet:

It’s a poorly worded question by a 16 year old Amir:

Is there an equivelant of the dos C function call “FindFirst” in linux?

I’ve looked all over & the closest I can find is something called


The only answer I received was:

This is the wrong list for this kind of question.

This is list is for *development* of gcc.

Not being able to locate the correct function set me back by days.

./amirs_thing -o 8032 -i -s 110110110111011

It would then overwrite the bits at offset 8032 with the binary string you specified in

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find the of y=x^3

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1. Monitors their followers, likes, app MAU, quantcast/compete, etc

2. Monitors their social network apps, fan page, streams, etc for interesting announcements

3. Monitors user posts (forums, tweets, etc) which mention the brands or companies

4. Monitors ad spends, new campaigns (where possible)

5. Watches for market information (research about a company or market)

Based on this I’d like to see:

- Up to date and trended adoption, retention numbers historical and current data

- User sentiment trends

- Virility metrics

- Alerts for significant events (large inflection point in a piece of data)

- Significant changes in marketing efforts

- Revenue estimates (where possible)

Does this exist? If so, where?